KIP (Knowledge is Power)


What’s it about?

The Knowledge is Power (KIP) Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Education Program supports primary schools deliver the mandatory 10 hours of AOD education to students. KIP has been developed by the Schools and Youth (SAY) working group of the Wimmera Drug Action Taskforce (WDAT). The SAY group includes representatives from Grampians Community Health (Gambling Alcohol and Other Drugs Team ), Wimmera Health Care Group, Red Cross, Victoria Police, School Focused Youth Service, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Uniting Wimmera, Headspace and the Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN.

The WDAT is a consortium of agency representatives and members of the community, whose aim is to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug harms in the Wimmera. WDAT has three key strategies:

  • Committed Partnerships
  • Key Messages
  • Connecting People

The KIP program enables health professionals, counsellors, police and youth workers to support schools and teachers to deliver clear, consistent and accurate best-practice AOD education lessons to Year 6 students across the Wimmera Southern Mallee region.

This resource provides a four  lesson program, and enables schools to engage more closely and utilise the knowledge and expertise of a variety of presenters from the Police, Youth Workers, Health Providers and Community Organisations.

Who is involved?

The KIP program is facilitated by representatives from Grampians Community Health (Gambling Alcohol and Other Drugs Team), Uniting Wimmera, Headspace, Wimmera Health Care Group, Red Cross and Victoria Police.

What are the lessons about?

The lessons cover the basic information about alcohol and other drugs. They follow a logical progression beginning with a definition of what a drug is, to why people use drugs, to what type of drugs people use, then how to keep yourself and others safe around drugs.

Lesson topics:

  • Lesson One: Introduction – What is a drug?
  • Lesson Two: Caffeine and Nicotine
  • Lesson Three: Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals
  • Lesson Four: Staying Safe around Drugs

The program is delivered to Year 6 students in one hour lessons on a weekly/ fortnightly basis (in smaller schools Year 5 students can also participate). The lessons will generally be co-presented by two agency/organisation staff and supported by the class teacher.  It is envisaged  class teachers can then reinforce  messages of the program following each lesson.

The lessons are interactive with plenty of student participation and input. The lessons will include games, quizzes, question and answer sessions, role playing and hands on activities.

After each session an information sheet is sent home to parents to encourage further discussion at home.

Where possible, one of the presenters from the previous session will be presenting in the following session, and will reinforce the key messages from the previous session. This is a great way to evaluate what the students have learnt and remembered.   The students can use it as a chance to teach the new presenter what they have learnt.


  • To provide engaging, interactive, age appropriate alcohol and other drug information to children.
  • To provide a safe environment where the children can explore their understanding and experiences of alcohol and other drugs.
  • To equip children with skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe should they come into contact with drug-affected people.
  • By the end of the program children will have a greater understanding and awareness of the potential dangers of alcohol and other drugs and their appropriate use.


These lessons are the first important steps to educating our children about what drugs are, the impact they can have and how to use them appropriately. All drugs can have long term harmful effects if they are misused.


Alcohol and other drug use is one of the most important health and social issues in Australia. This resource provides a unique opportunity for schools and key health and community organisations to work in partnership, to ensure that our children have the best opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.